Meridian 504
The Meridian 504 FM Tuner is the latest in a long line of Meridian tuners with a reputation for outstanding sound quality, even in difficult reception conditions.
The Meridian 504 FM Stereo Tuner combines major advances in audio and user interface design. It features a dual-gate MOSFET input to pull in distant stations, while the matched ceramic filters ensure fine selectivity to cope with over-crowded locations. A Walsh-function stereo decoder gives remarkable clarity and freedom from interference.
The 504 has full remote control and can store up to 30 stations in memory. The eight-character display can be programmed to show station names for ease of access. The 504 uses Meridian system communications to operate seamlessly in any Meridian system.
FM Radio is an excellent way for pop enthusiasts to hear new music; jazz lovers to hear rare, archival material; and classical aficionados to hear well made live broadcasts. We invite you to consider the Meridian 504 FM Stereo Tuner.
Technical Specification
504 FM Stereo Tuner
1st December 2001
Up to 30 station presets, each with custom label for display
Dual gate MOSFET input to pull in distant stations
Fully remote controllable via the Meridian System Remote
Meridian Audio Limited
Stonehill, Stukeley Meadows Huntingdon Cambridgeshire PE29 6EX
T +44 (0) 1480 445678 F +44 (0) 1480 445686
Meridian America Inc.
Suite 122, Building 2400 3800 Camp Creek Parkway Atlanta GA 30331
T (404) 344 7111 F (404) 346 7111
Input: Sensitivity: Output: Distortion: Comms: Construction: Dimensions:
Controls: Front Display:
One 87.0–08 MHz FM 75 unbalanced antenna input 1.5μV One analogue output 2V rms Less than 0.2% mono, 0.4% stereo, noise below –70dB Two 5-pin 240° DIN sockets
Black textured enamel and glass finish 88mm (3.46in) H, 321 (
12.64) W, 332 (13.07) D. Weight 6.4kg (14lbs) Front-panel controls for Up/Down keys, Mono, Store, Display, Previous/Next keys, Off 8-character alphanumeric for showing station name, frequency, preset number, signal strength and tuning accuracy, or blank.